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Contact The Uncover Scotland Tours Team

Our team are available for calls every day of the week and we take pride in planning your Scottish tour experience and making it a reality! You can give us a call on: +44 7341132231 or complete our contact form and we will respond to your enquiry within 20 minutes. 

Ready to book your tour? You should also complete our enquiry form and we will secure your booking. 

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Thank you for your enquiry, you are now a step closer to a trip you'll never forget!

VIP Tours 

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Scotland's Highlands like never before with our VIP tours. Let us take you on a journey through stunning landscapes and historic landmarks, all while enjoying the luxury treatment you deserve. The finest hospitality, exclusive access, personalised experiences, and luxury travel.  

Our team are vetted to the highest standard and understand the importance of privacy. We have delivered many 5 star VIP experiences. VIP tours can be planned with our Director - Jordan: 

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